On 14 April 2011, the project, “Increasing the shelf life of the black truffle: use of combined methods. Application of new technologies for conservation”, was published, coordinated by Dr. Domingo Blanco Parmo, Doctor in Veterinary Science from the University of Saragossa and a group of scientists, specifically nine specialists en Chemistry, Veterinary Science and Food Science and Technology from the INIANational Institute for Agricultural and Food Research and Technology.


The study came into the hands of José Barrera, an entrepreneur who for some years had been considering how to improve the world of truffles. Analysing the market, he observed that the truffles available to the end customer, primarily restaurateurs and hospitality professionals, were expensive and not very fresh, and the supplier did not receive earnings in accordance with the sale price because of the large number of intermediaries.




Tuberturol would never have come into existence if José Barrera had not come across this study and found a market niche that needed to be covered: being the only intermediary between the truffle harvester or gatherer and the end user, but more importantly, being a USEFUL INTERMEDIARY:


     1.- By bringing added value to the product and improving it, the end customer benefits.

     2.- By getting a better price for the truffle harvester or gatherer, the supplier benefits.


José Barrera had a meeting with Dr. Domingo Blanco. The solution was to emerge: a single intermediary with processing and packaging facilities to make the result of the study possible, dedicated to improving and extending the shelf life of a product as valuable as the black truffle and thus make fresh black truffles available for 30 days, without resorting to freezing: a unique feature in the world.




Thus, in April 2012, Tuberturol was created, the only useful intermediary between supplier and end customer, making it possible for the truffle lover to enjoy perfect flavour and freshness for 30 days, as opposed to the barely 10 days they last for when only refrigerated. The name chosen for this project was Tuberturol, a name that speaks of the origin while looking to the future and constant innovation. Tuber is the scientific name of the truffle and Turol is the traditional name of Teruel, the source of almost 30% of the production of this diamond worldwide. The result?

  • Fresh black truffle, with perfect, long-lasting flavor  
  • Accessible to more countries and wallets 
  • More money for suppliers



A quote from Dr. Blanco’s study permeates our company philosophy:


"A fruit like the truffle, with such aromatic potential and such a high economic value, should be pampered and cared for from the moment of collection in order to maintain its extraordinary but ephemeral quality"

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