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The 1st International Congress on Trufficulture - Teruel 2013, is presented as the premier event bringing together all the technical and scientific knowledge in recent years at international level on the development of the sector. 
The main objective is to highlight and encourage the transfer of knowledge between researchers, managers and producers from around the world (France, Italy, Australia, Chile, New Zealand, South Africa, Argentina and Israel) on the latest scientific advances in the field and the needs of market participants and the administration itself, in order to promote sustainable truffle production in different territories.
In addition, another key objective is the approach and sharing of concerns and initiatives of the scientific community with truffle growers, professional truffle nurseries, technical managers of truffle forest areas around the world ... and especially the inhabitants of Teruel, producing 20% of the global truffle. 
TUBERTUROL and The Organizing Committee invite all professionals involved in the future of the truffle to actively participate in this conference in order to accelerate and become agents of sustainable development, both short and long-term truffle production and the enhancement of territories with potential producer.
Check here The 1st Circular, which includes the first details of the meeting, has been published 
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