on Friday, 23 November 2012. Posted in News

Tuberturol, in collaboration with the Spanish National Research Institute for Agricultural and Food Technology, has launched a revolutionary packaging that allows the black truffle to conserve its freshness up to 30 days after harvest. In its first season, its suppliers will be Spanish collectors and truffle growers, that have been extracting 40% of the worldwide truffle production for decades.
The company will begin acting as intermediary for the black truffle in December, but it has been in development since April 2011, with the publication of the research paper "Increasing the commercial life of the black truffle: use of combined methods. Application of new technologies for conservation" by Dr. Blanco and his team. Tuberturol arose as a unique and efficient intermediary between the supplier and the final client, offering a traceable fresh black truffle with a treatment and packaging that provides 20 days more longevity than provided by its competitors. This process allows Tuberturol to provide fresh black truffles in perfect conditions of aroma and freshness, up to 30 days after harvest.
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