• The tuber melanosporum is the black diamond of the kitchen. 
  • Spain produces 40% of the world’s truffles and Aragon approx. 30%.
  • The quality and aroma of wild and cultivated truffles is so similar that it is just a matter of taste. 
  • The black truffle is found in holm oak, oak and hazel forests. . 
  • Truffle dogs are the best option for finding truffles because of their sense of smell, their physique and their loyalty.  
  • Truffles should be kept refrigerated from collection to consumption. 
  • Untreated fresh truffles keep in the fridge for 10 days maximum. After this period the product has expired.  
  • Truffles start to lose intensity and aroma 48 hours after collection. Not our truffles   
  • A more detailed classification of truffles makes it easier to meet the needs and expectations of customers.  
  • Increasing the number of intermediaries between producer and end user leads to a more expensive and much less fresh truffle.
  • Tuberturol takes extreme care in the selection and quality of each truffle it sells its customers, as well as the treatment of its suppliers and the welfare of its team.
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