The production of tuber melanosporum black truffle in Europe is currently concentrated in three main areas: Spain, France and Italy. Spain accounts for over 40% of world production and specifically Aragon accounts for almost 30 % of world production. This production in Aragon (Spain) is located in Graus (Huesca), Mora and Sarrión (Teruel), where Tuberturol has its  facilities.


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World truffle production



Other areas such as Chile, Argentina, New Zealand, Tasmania and United States are now producing tuber melanosporum. China produces Chinese truffles (tuber indium) of similar appearance but of lower quality than those produced in these areas and their aroma is by no means comparable.



Truffles are sold on one side of the world and bought on the other. Despite being a food product, they are sold with no kind of sanitary or hygienic control, simply undergoing external cleaning (gross cleaning) and reaching the customer with already declining shelf life and with the aromatic components of the truffle (the true value of the product) badly damaged.



At Tuberturol we carry out optimal and demanding treatment from the collection of the truffle to the customer’s fridge. And we are the only company in the world to apply this processing based on the study, “Increasing the shelf life of the black truffle”, by Dr. Blanco, Doctor in Veterinary Science from the University of Saragossa. This study ensures greater freshness of the product and for the first time in history, allows its consumption up to 30 days after collection.



Below, we present a comparative analysis representing the process undergone by the truffle in the current market and the method applied by Tuberturol to the truffles you can buy on this website. Observe and compare.  









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